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Overland Lead fabricates custom lead weights & counterweights at our lead casting facility in St. Louis. 

We're experts in casting lead for everything from small, hand-poured custom weights to larger industrial lead weights up to 3,000 lbs. 

Our in-house capabilities allows us to roll or cast weights in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

  • Lead Weights

  • Lead Ballasts

  • Lead Counterweights

  • Lead Bridge Weights

  • Elevator Weights

  • Custom Lead Weights

Our lead pouring experts create custom castings regardless of lead ballast, counterweight, bridge weight or other project considerations. Send us a profile sketch of your weight pocket and how much weight is required, and we'll supply your custom counterweights!

Get a quote for custom lead weights or counterweights:

custom lead weights made in St. Louis, Missouri


  • Lead Castings

  • Lead Bricks / Lead Pigs

  • Sheet Lead

  • Lead Ingots

  • Radiation Protection

  • Lead Weights & Lead Counterweights

  • Elevator Weights

  • Lead Manufacturing

  • Sheet Lead

  • Custom Fabrication

  • Lead Coatings

  • Lead Recycling 


Overland Lead also supplies lead weights with protective coatings. 

  • Power Coating

  • Epoxy Coating

  • Lamination

Custom lead weights & counterweights are used for industrial, aerospace, medical and manufacturing applications.

lead weights & counterweights
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